Monday, July 23, 2012


I love wearing earrings, but I mostly wear little studs. They seem to be more convenient and go with my clothing and style a little better. Also with a little one it is nice to know she is less likely to pull on a stud versus hoop earrings or ones that dangle.
I'm a true southern girl and wear my pearls a lot, but outside of that it was hard for me to find studs that weren't just diamonds or pearls. There aren't a lot of options that are cute and different, so I made my own.
Here's how they turned out....

Teal and Bronze Flowers

Greek Blue

I'm sure I'll be making more earrings in the future.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Few Things I've Made

Here are a few things I've made over the last year. Mostly these things were made for Emma, but that just makes them all that much more special. Gift giving becomes a lot more fun when its homemade too!

Emma's Baby Quilt

First baby quilt I made

Emma's Crib Skirt

Memory Game

Packaged Memory Game

Emma's Mobile

It's a Girl Wreath, used at the hospital and on our front door when we came home.

Emma's nursery. Embroidery hoops were used with extra fabric for wall art.

The Onesie Dress

Floral Onesie Dress

Blue and Gray Onesie Dress

A New Blog

As my other blog, Working Title, has become so much about our growing family (which I love!) I decided to start a new blog that was devoted to things I'm creating/crafting. I do love my family so much and having a blog helps other friends and family keep up with us. I also really enjoy making things. Whether I'm taking something old and making it new, or sewing or gluing (hence the title of this blog) I would love to share those things too!
Mostly I'll be posting finished projects, but sometimes I'll post some step by step projects too. In my next post I'll put a few things that I've already finished, just to catch up. Then I'll begin posting as I create.
I've always loved to make things. When I was little I loved to color and then I realized how much I liked to cook. Just recently I learned how to sew (still learning) and I'm always excited to make more and learn more. I'm constantly inspired by people and places around me. I hope this blog might inspire some of you!