Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cutie Pie!

Last week with the help of some dear friends a "Cutie Pie" baby shower was thrown for two precious friends and their little girls. Lauren and Abby our each expecting a "cutie pie" little girl in June.
The theme of the shower was Cutie Pie! We had pies (sweet and savory) for our food and Nicole Moses worked out decorating onesies for an activity. I hope Lauren and Abby enjoyed their shower as much as I enjoyed getting things ready for it!



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cooper's Bedding

I told you I had some projects I was working on and this was the first. My sweet nephew (to be), Cooper needed some bedding. My sister Brit picked out the fabric she liked, I ordered it and then it sat for more than a month. I kept saying I was going to work on it but kept putting it off. I'm learning that with a now mobile child sewing has to be a planned kind of thing. Then a couple of weeks ago my sister sent me a picture of their crib and I knew I needed to get to work.
Since I live in South Carolina and my sister lives in Chicago I had been planning on sending the bedding when it was finished, because I didn't want them to wait until we visit (after Cooper's birth) in June. Some of Brit's (awesome) friends gave a baby shower for Cooper and I was so sad that I wouldn't be able to fly in for it. The night that my sister sent me the picture of the crib it was a little more than a week to the shower. Something came over me and I decided as soon as I put Emma to bed I would start and finish Cooper's bedding. I'm pleased to say (for a still pretty beginner seamstress) it took me a total of about 4 hours to complete a crib skirt and blanket. I put it in the mail the next morning to one of her friends giving the shower. The bedding arrived in time for the shower, and they really like it! Success!
I did everything in such a rush I didn't take any pictures along the way or even of the finished product, but my sister was gracious enough to send me pictures of the true finished product. (she takes much better pictures as it is)
 The fabric is from Carousel Designs. I would highly recommend them for fabric or bedding. There fabric is top notch and is a good price. The crib skirt and front of the blanket is "Stella Chevron" and the back of the blanket "Silver Gray Minky".

We can't wait to meet Cooper when he arrives! He is so loved by so many already! Aunt Casey loves you Cooper and I hope you like your blanket!