Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A New Blog

As my other blog, Working Title, has become so much about our growing family (which I love!) I decided to start a new blog that was devoted to things I'm creating/crafting. I do love my family so much and having a blog helps other friends and family keep up with us. I also really enjoy making things. Whether I'm taking something old and making it new, or sewing or gluing (hence the title of this blog) I would love to share those things too!
Mostly I'll be posting finished projects, but sometimes I'll post some step by step projects too. In my next post I'll put a few things that I've already finished, just to catch up. Then I'll begin posting as I create.
I've always loved to make things. When I was little I loved to color and then I realized how much I liked to cook. Just recently I learned how to sew (still learning) and I'm always excited to make more and learn more. I'm constantly inspired by people and places around me. I hope this blog might inspire some of you!

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