Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's Been A Long Time

It's been entirely too long since I've posted something! I'm slacking on both of my blogs lately. Let me assure you this lack of blogging has not been for lack of making things. I've been busy making things, but I've also been busy chasing around a very mobile (now 10 month old!) baby. I have been doing a horrible job of documenting the things that I have been making, but I've promised myself to do better. 
My last post was in October! Since then I've made some more baby bedding for a friend of mine that had twins. They are the sweetest little babies and it was such a joy making them sweet blankets and crib skirts (sorry I don't have a picture of them). The most "making" I did was for a Christmas sale. A friend of mine from church hosted a Christmas Gifting Party. The idea was to help her friends that have "at home" businesses and to raise money to support our churches mission effort in Africa. Each participant selected a certain amount of their proceeds to be donated to our church's mission fund. I wasn't able to attend the sale but I gladly sent some things along.
I made a bunch of baprons and burp cloths, some paci clips, a few adult kitchen aprons (half and full covering), Christmas hand towels, and felt ornaments. I had so much fun working on all these projects leading up to Christmas, plus it was a great way to raise money for a great cause and be reminded the true meaning of Christmas.

This was my sale table

I had so much fun with all the different fabric

I made several felt ornaments this year. The poinsettias were my favorite.

I even made little tags for all of my merchandise.

The next special project I worked on for Christmas was a Christmas stocking for Emma. I ordered some fabric, with enough to make several more stockings (for future children). The plan is to use the same kind of fabric but quilt future stockings in different ways, so that each child's stocking coordinates but is unique as well. My mom cross stitched Emma's name on the top (it wasn't sewn on yet in the picture), which she had done for mine and my sister's stockings when we were little. Such a special stocking that  can be used for many years to come!
Such a sweet addition to our mantle this year!
I'm currently busy making baby bedding for my sister's little boy due in May! We are so excited to be welcoming, Cooper in to the family. I can't wait to meet him. I'll be sure to post pictures of his baby bedding. I'm also working on Emma's 1st birthday, "Our Little Miss Sunshine is Turning 1" and a "Cutie Pie" themed baby shower. It's going to be a busy spring, but I'm so excited to sew and glue!

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