Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sewing for Boys

As I've already mentioned I'm in a new season of life. The biggest change lately is becoming the mom of a boy! Being a "boy mom" isn't that different yet. Though diaper changes are different and he does grunt when he baby talks (I'm certain the girls baby cooing was far more dainty). I started sewing just before finding out I was pregnant with our first baby, and it was so much fun and easy sewing things for a little girl. When we found out that our second baby was a girl too, it was even easier and fun to sew more things for her. Then we found out we were having a boy.

I was certainly very excited to be having a boy, but after making his bedding and an additional tummy time quilt I was pretty much out of things to sew for him. First of all it is so much harder to find masculine/boyish fabric. If it is meant for little boys it is usually over the top covered in dinosaurs or cars (or something along those lines). Second I quickly realized the lack of accessories needed for a little boy.

I needed inspiration. I needed fabric. Ok I wanted those things.

About a week ago my husband was cleaning out some clothes in our closet. He handed me about four different button up dress shirts and said I could donate them "or whatever". Suddenly I had fabric and inspiration! I decided we would donate some and I would do "whatever" with the rest.

I love taking old things and making them new. Hence the name old, new, sewn and glued. I found a great and free(!) pattern from oliver+s. The sunny day shorts were just want I was looking for and I had masculine fabric from a men's dress shirt. I was ready to make George something other than a blanket. 

I made the shorts using the 6-12 month pattern and I had a quite a bit of extra fabric from the shirt, so I made a matching bow tie (and I could probably get a few more bow ties out of it too).

The picture doesn't do it justice. The shorts and bow tie are just the cutest paired with this white button up shirt. All ready for church on Sunday morning. I've officially had a break through with sewing for a little boy and I'm so excited. I know I'll be using the sunny day shorts pattern again in the future. (I'll probably make some for the girls too) Plus it is always a bonus when you can use something you already have at home.

Everything was just perfect, until.............. 

Ole thunder thighs (as I affectionately call George) wouldn't fit in the shorts. hashtag fail.

I'm not sure if the pattern doesn't take into account the size of the diaper. I don't know if maybe George is really that big (possibly) or if I was sewing a little too haphazardly and made them too small (most likely). Either way I still love the outfit and maybe we'll have another little boy one day that will look just as cute in it, at about 3 months younger.

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