Monday, May 2, 2016

Where, What and When

Where have I been? What have I been doing? When did all this happen?

Completely understandable questions. It has been quite a while since I last posted anything on this blog. My last blog post was in December 2013(!) Since then we have been pretty busy with life and I am by no means complaining.

In February 2014 we welcomed our second child and daughter, Leah. Leah is such a blessed addition to our family, but she also didn't like to sleep much. In the spring of 2014 we were also planning our move from South Carolina to Georgia. We made the move that summer and spent the rest of 2014 settling in our new home and getting used to being a family of four.

Moving into 2015 we were just feeling like we were getting adjusted to life in a new place. Robert and I had a fantastic ten day trip to South Africa in March. We were celebrating our upcoming fifth wedding anniversary. I cannot say enough good things about South Africa. We love it and we would love to go back many more times.

April 2015 we found out that (surprise) we were expecting our third child! While we were all very excited, I was also a little (read a lot) overwhelmed at the thought of three children under the age of three. I can certainly testify to God's grace in so many ways and the transition to three children has not been too difficult.

We welcomed our third child, our first son, George in December of 2015. What a sweet blessing George is to our family. He is so loved by his two big sisters, Emma and Leah. His parents think he's pretty great too.

All these wonderful things mentioned are definitely not the only things occupying our time for the last two and a half years, but probably the biggest and most rewarding. As wonderful and full as our life is I didn't have a priority in blogging. Though I still found time to cook, sew, read, and create.

Hear me when I say, blogging will still not be a huge priority in my life. I know my children are growing and changing faster than I even realize. Life is busy and it goes quickly. However part of the reason I want to start blogging again is to record God's goodness and grace in my life. I'm in a new season of life. God has given me a love for creating and making. I also have a desire to share those things with others. I've had times when I had an etsy shop, sold in markets, taken custom orders, and shared in other ways the things that I was creating. All that I do is only by the grace of God and in this season I'm going to share it via this blog.

I want to remember my children's littleness and the fun things I got to cook for them and make for them. Practically I want to remember how I made some things and be able to reproduce them again. I want to remember meaningful books and the fun ones too. I want a place to put thoughts and ideas into writing. Maybe I'll inspire someone else to make something. Maybe I'll help someone else going through similar things. Maybe you'll be able to encourage me. Maybe no one will read this except myself. All of that is just fine!

I hope you enjoy walking through life with me here. Please make this blog a conversation and share what you are making and how God is working and creating in your life.

So without further ado, let me get things moving again and catch up just a bit..........

Here are a few of my favorite things that I made in the last two and a half years. I hope if you like something and are curious about it that you will ask! I might be able to make it for you or tell you how you can make it for yourself.
Note cards and envelopes for a local market I participated in.
An oliver+s dress I made for Leah
Baprons, maybe my best seller and favorite thing to sew and give.
Definitely the most requested Bapron.
The bandana bib started as a favor for a friend. It grew into a favorite thing to sell at market

Snow much fun to be one! Leah's first birthday party

Fabric state maps. I had so much fun creating custom fabric state maps for a local Mom's group fundraiser.
George's Christmas stocking. All three kids have quilted stockings using the same fabric. They all look different but they all coordinate.

Christmas 2014 we started doing advent with our children. Each envelope has a scripture telling the Christmas story. This past year we also had a puzzle piece in each envelope. Each piece has a magnet on the back so it could be put together on the refrigerator. The entire puzzle is a picture of the nativity.
A boy playtime and tummy time quilt.
George's baby quilt.
George has an Explorer's theme nursery

A wreath for the hospital door and our home to welcome our sweet little boy.

Baby mittens.
Maybe my favorite project in the last 2 years. Unique fabric scrap map of the United States of America.

I'm sure I'm forgetting even some of my favorite things, which is precisely why I'm excited about coming back to the blog! Stay posted, I promise the next post won't take me two and a half years to write.

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